Antalya Airport Wifi Located in the northeast part of the city of Antalya is the Antalya Airport. The airport is considered to be one of the biggest airports in Turkey. The Antalya Airport has one terminal for domestic flights and two terminals for the international flights. The airport has regular, seasonal and charter destinations. Transportations available in the airport include buses and taxi. There is also a car rental available at the Antalya Airport.

Does Antalya Airport have free wifi ? Yes, free Wifi internet access can be enjoyed in the airport. As long as you have your Wifi-ready devices with you, you can stay connected to the online world while waiting for your flight.

How to Connect :

Купить Кокаин в Омске The internet service at the Antalya Airport is provided by TTNET. Passengers and the visitors can connect to the wireless internet connection in the arrival and departure lounges of the airport. Aside from the free internet access in the terminals, passengers can also connect to the internet in different shops and restaurants.

Free internet can be availed as well in the CIP terminal and VIP terminal. The “Via Pub” and “Via Café” are also offering free internet. These restaurants are located in the domestic terminal. Free internet access is also available in Terminal 2 at “Simit Sarayi”.