Athens International Airport Wifi

see In 2001, Athens International Airport started its operation. It is the major airport serving not just the city of Athens but also the entire region of Attica. As a primary civilian airport, Athens International Airport is considered as the busiest airport in Greece. It serves as the major hub of the Aegean Airlines. It is also the subsidiary of the Greek Airlines and Olympic Air. In 2014, Athens International Airport got the 31st ranked in the Europe’s busiest airports.

Does Athens International Airport have free Wifi ?

Покупаю потерянные паспорта РФ Yes, for 60 minutes passengers can enjoy free internet at the Athens International Airport. There are also internet kiosks available at the airport which is free for 15 minutes.

How to Connect :

For the first 60 minutes, passengers can enjoy the internet for free. For the succeeding use, internet usage will be subject to fees. In order to avail the 60-minute free internet, you need to open the WiZ portal and click the “Connect to the Internet”.
The WiZ portal offers detailed info on the flight status, updates and news and any other relevant information.
If you do not have the device with you, there are 22 internet kiosks inside the airport and it will allow you to access the internet for free in the first 15-minutes.