Berlin Tegel Airport Wifi

Despite the small size as compared to other airports, Berlin Tegel Airport gives an impressive performance. Considered as the 4th busiest airport in Berlin, Berlin Tegel Airport is the main international airport serving the country. The airport is the major hub for Air Berlin and the home for Germanwings. Berlin Tegel Airport serves several European flights and some intercontinental flights. The airport basically has five terminals. By 2017, the airport will be closed and be replaced by the Berlin Brandenburg Airport.

Does Berlin Tegel Airport have free Wifi ?

Yes, free internet access is available at the Berlin Tegel Airport. However, the service is only available for the first 60 minutes of internet use.

How to Connect :

For the first 60 minutes of internet use, you can still enjoy it for free but if you wish to access the internet longer, you need to pay.

Browse for the available networks using your device and connect to the “Telekom HotSpot” portal. When you launch the browser of your device, a webpage containing the instructions on how to avail the free Wifi access will give provided. Just follow it.

If you still want to browse the web after consuming the complimentary Wifi access, you will be required to pay for the service. Fees may vary depending on how long you will use the internet.