Boston Logan International Airport Wifi

Officially named as the Lt. General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport, the Logan International Airport is a public- use aviation complex owned by the Massachusetts Port Authority. Serving the Boston area, it features a total of 6 runways, making it the largest airport in New England in terms of land area. In terms of passenger count, it is declared as the 18th busiest airport in North America, with intercontinental and continental non- stop flights serving both locals and foreign passengers alike. The Logan International Airport serves as the focus city for JetBlue Airways, and the primary hub for Cape Air, PenAir and Delta Air Lines. The rapid growth of the airport could be seen in the international traffic it is receiving, with additional new routes to the Mid- Atlantic Region, Latin America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Does Boston Logan International Airport have free wifi ?

The entire complex of Logan International Airport features free WiFi access points to allow passengers to stay connected before boarding their respective flights. The free wireless internet access can be taken advantage in a convenient manner through the use of WiFi capable devices, such as tablet computers, smart phones and laptops. There are also other options when it comes to WiFi connections, such as Boingo wireless access.

How to Connect :

  1. Fire up the Wireless connectivity option on your device
  2. Look up the SSID network “loganwifi”. You can also visit for the free internet landing page
  3. Read the Terms and Conditions. There is no registration required
  4. Click “Accept & Continue” to surf the web for free