Charlotte Douglas International Airport Wifi

Лирика форум мотылек Functioning as a joint civil- military aviation hub, the Charlotte Douglas International Airport serves the Charlotte Metropolitan Area. This public airport is owned by the City of Charlotte, North Carolina and operated by the Charlotte Aviation Department. With a total of 175 destinations for domestic and international passenger and cargo services, the airport is ranked as the 9th busiest airport in the United States and the 23rd busiest airport in the world. It is considered the largest maintenance hub for the US Airways, yet caters to a long list of airlines, including Delta Air Lines, United Express, JetBlue Airways, ViaAir, American Airlines, Air Canada Express and Frontier Airlines among others. As for Cargo traffic, the Charlotte Douglas International Airport accommodates the UPS Airlines and FedEx Express.

Does Charlotte Douglas International Airport have free Wifi ?

бошки как вырастить Travelers boarding their flights at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport will not have any trouble in getting connected before flying to their respective destinations. The airport provides free WiFi access in all Terminals with decent internet speeds and a wide coverage area. WiFi ready devices, such as tablets, laptops and smart phones could be used to get free Internet access from Terminal hotspots. If you cannot access the WiFi network of the airport, you can call 877- 294- 9434 for support.

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How to Connect :

  1. Turn the WiFi search of your device to automatically detect SSID networks
  2. Select the SSID network “CLTNET”
  3. Launch a web browser and read the Terms & Conditions
  4. Click “Accept” to get free Internet access
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