Denver International Airport Wifi

source url Described to be the largest passenger and cargo airport in North America, the Denver International Airport sits on a total of 34, 000 acres of land in Northeastern Denver, Colorado. As the 15th busiest airport in the world, it features non- stop services to a hundred of destinations in Asia, Latin America, Europe and across the United States. Servicing a total of 53 million passengers yearly, the Denver International Airport sustains the 3rd largest domestic network. It also functions as a primary hub for Frontier Airlines, United Airlines and Great Lakes Airlines. It features the U.S. longest public use runway as well as an ISO 14001- certified environmental management system.

Does Denver International Airport have free wifi ?

The Denver International Airport offers free WiFi access throughout the vicinity of the airport. There are two free options available, namely: the DEN Airport Free WiFi and the Boingo Wireless. You can connect to either option before boarding your flight, making you as connect as possible. You can use laptops, smartphones (Android and Apple), tablets and other WiFi enabled devices to access websites for free.

How to Connect :

Boingo Wireless:

  1. Turn on your WiFi connection and search for the SSID network named “Boingo Hotspot”
  2. Open your internet browser and you will be shown two surfing plans.
  3. Pick the free plan for a decent web browsing experience. Power users are given fast WiFi speed as a perk to their membership.
  4. For slow connections, call Boingo’s customer support service at (800) 880-4117

DEN Airport Free WiFi:

  1. Enable your WiFi connection and locate the SSID network “DEN Airport Free WiFi”
  2. Click “Connect”.
  3. Launch your browser and the DEN Airport welcome page will pop out.
  4. Email if you are having trouble in getting Free WiFi access