Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport Wifi

Also known as the Detroit Metro Airport, the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport is a major international airport for public use in Romulus, Michigan. In the county, it is considered to be the busiest airport and one of the largest in terms of land area, which proves the fact that it is a major tourism gateway for Metropolitan Detroit. Operated by the Wayne County Airport Authority, it is the 2nd busiest hub of the Delta Air Lines and serves as a focus city for Spirit Airlines. With a total of 145 in- service gates, two terminals, an on-site hotel and conference center, and six major runways, the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport is declared as one of the recently modernized and expanded airports in North America. It is still one of the 10 busiest airfields in the U.S. and the 4th busiest airport internationally.

Does Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport have free wifi ?

Thanks to an infrastructure upgrade, passengers traveling via the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport will now have access to unlimited free WiFi access. This perk is truly great news for both domestic and international fliers, since the 30- minute free access in the past has been upgraded to an unlimited status and better connection speeds. However, a tradeoff for this is the requirement to view a 30- second ad for every 45 minutes of internet access. For people with WiFi ready devices, it is not a bad deal at all.

How to Connect :

  1. Turn on your WiFi connectivity and connect to “AWG WIFI”
  2. Open any web browser to get to the internet login page
  3. Read the Terms and Conditions and click “Accept & Continue”