Düsseldorf International Airport Wifi

http://www.nammudekodakara.com/excel/legalrc-v-obhod-blokirovki.html Located in Düsseldorf, Germany, Düsseldorf International Airport is considered as the 3rd biggest airport in Germany. The airport is next to Frankfurt and Munich as far as passenger traffic is concerned. The airport serves as the major hub for the Air Berlin and Germanwings. The airport has three terminals. Terminal A has 16 gates, Terminal B has 11 gates and Terminal C has 8 gates. The airport also has an executive terminal intended for corporate and private flights. Transportation around the airport includes trains, cars and buses.

Does Düsseldorf International Airport have free wifi ?

go here Yes, free Wifi access is provided by the Düsseldorf International Airport daily. However, it is only for 30 minutes per day. If you wish to browse the web longer, you need to pay for the premium plans.

How to connect

Düsseldorf International Airport does not provide unlimited Wifi usage for free. After enjoying the 30 minutes free internet, you need to pay. Rates for the internet usage are the following:

  • 30 minutes – €4
  • 60 minutes – €6
  • 240 minutes -€12

You also have another option to login in any of the internet kiosks available at the airport. The internet kiosks can be found in Terminal locations specifically Piers A, B and C. There is also one kiosk outside McDonalds in the arrival area and another near the airport’s information desk.