El Dorado International Airport Wifi

Considered as the largest airport in Colombia, El Dorado International Airport is among the 50 busiest airports in the world in terms of passengers, cargo and traffic movement. As the largest and among the busiest airport, El Dorado International Airport is the most important airport in the country. The airport is handling all both the international and domestic flights in Bogota. The airport also have a large landing field, ranked as the 3rd largest worldwide.

Does El Dorado International Airport have free wifi ?

No, the complimentary free Wifi usage at the airport is only for a limited time. You need to pay for a premium account if you wish to connect to the internet longer.

How to Connect :

A complimentary Wifi access for free can be enjoyed at the El Dorado International Airport. However, after consuming the free internet, you need to pay per hour. There are several internet providers at the airport including Boingo, NTT DoCoMO Namikiteru and Avantel S A. You ccan browse the internet longer with faster speed for only COP 9,000 per hour.

The wireless internet hotspots are available in public places throughout the airport. This is one of the services offered by the airport to keep you entertained while waiting for your flight.