Fukuoka Airport Wifi

Also known as Itasuke Air Base, Fukuoka Airport is considered as a second-class airport. It is an international airport that named as the 4th busiest airport in Japan in terms of passenger traffic. The runway of the airport is only one and unlike most of the airports, Fukuoka Airport is surrounded by residential areas. Since the operation in the airport may disturb the people, flights at Fukuoka Airport stops at 10:00pm and resumes at 7:00am. Kitayushu Airport and Saga Airport are the two alternatives access to the airport.

Does Fukuoka Airport have free Wifi ?

Yes, free Wifi internet access is available at the airport. The internet connection is available in the terminal and departure lounges. There are also internet kiosks available for the passengers for free.

How to Connect :

Free Wifi service is available in Domestic Terminals, from 1 to 3 and Departure lounges at the 2nd floor. Wifi connection is also available in the International terminal and departure lounges at the 3rd floor.
If you do not have any device with you, you can access the internet for free at the internet kiosks and computer stations inside the airport.
Indeed, at Fukuoka Airport the internet is really for free.