Helsinki Airport Wifi

The Helsinki Airport is the major airport serving not only the Helsinki Metropolitan area but also the entire Finland. The international airport serves as the major hub for Finnair, Blue1, Fylybe Nordi and Norwegian Air Shuttle. Helsinki Airport has two terminals, linked by internal pedestrian connection for both landside and airside. The airport has three runways which is best to keep the airport operation during the winter days.

Does Helsinki Airport have free Wifi ?

Yes, a free Wifi internet access is available at the Helsinki Airport. The airport is offering this service to all passengers and the connection is really fast and easy to use.

How to Connect :

If your device is Wifi ready and you have it enabled, the internet network of Helsinki Airport will automatically display on your screen. Click the “Free WI-FI-Helsinki Airport” and enjoy the internet for free.
You don’t have to worry about the connection at the airport, despite the huge traffic, you can surf the web without any interruptions.
The free Wifi service is available at the airport’s terminals, travel lounges, and other public places throughout the airport.