Lisbon Portela Airport Wifi

Located in Lisbon City, the Lisbon Portela Airport is also known as Lisbon Airport. Aside from being the major hub of the European Airlines, the airport is also the main gateway to Portugal. The Lisbon Portela Airport is also nominated as the Europe’s Leading Airport by the World Travel Awards. The airport has this nominated for five succeeding years. The airport is managed by Aeroportos de Portugal and in February 2012, it was concessioned by the Vinci Airports.

Does Lisbon Portela Airport have free Wifi ?

Yes, the airport provides free internet access for 30 minutes. The free Wifi access will be renewed automatically every 12 hours. If you want to browse the web longer, then you can use the paid internet service.

How to Connect :

Passengers and visitors can enjoy the airport’s free Wifi access for 30 minutes. Succeeding internet usage will be charged accordingly. However, if you will browse for local contents, such flights and airport services, you don’t have to pay anything.
The Wifi operators in the airport are the following: HotSpot Postugal, PT Wifi, Novaspoty, Vodafone and Vex. The internet service is open for 24 hours and you can also use your Boingo credits after consuming the complimentary 30-minute free Wifi access.