London Heathrow Airport Wifi

London Heathrow Airport, situated in West London, England in the United Kingdom is one of the major International airports ranking third on the busiest airport in the globe list. The airport has a maximum number of five terminals and has east to west runways that are parallel to each other.
Heathrow Airport Holdings owns and operates it. British Airways has also made the airport its primary base where they send most of their flights. The Virgin Atlantic also uses the airport as its main operating base.

Does the London Heathrow Airport have free Wi-Fi?

Yes, passengers are entitled to have four hours free use of internet at the airport. Additional costs are required if a passenger wishes to extend or go beyond the 4-hour limit.

How to Connect :

The airport itself is a huge ‘Hotspot’, so is you have a Wi-Fi ready device, you can access the Heathrow Wi-Fi network.

To connect is a simple task; simply by enabling the Wi-Fi in your device you a prompt will appear for you to choose a network. Choose _Heathrow Wi-Fi and from then, follow the simple steps to connect:

  • Open an Internet browser, you will be then asked if you wish to connect for free or with pay.
  • After finishing the registration details and agreeing to the terms and conditions, your device would notify the connection right away.

Nevertheless, if you like to expand your internet usage and do not wish to pay you can find other alternatives in the airport premises. “Wagamama” is one of them and is located at terminal 5; there is also a “Krispy Kreme” at terminal 3.

Another alternative is to join Heathrow Rewards. The rewards would include additional 4 free hours or go forward to use Wi-Fi on a pay as you go service, which not only benefits you to a larger length of browsing time but the service you will receive will be 5 times quicker.

If you wish to pay for WiFi, you may do so through a credit card or PayPal.