Moscow Domodedovo International Airport Wifi

follow Aside from being considered as the largest international airport in Russia, the Domodedovo International Airport is also named as one of the major airports in Moscow. In terms of passenger traffic, the Domodedovo International Airport is also considered as the biggest international airport in Eastern Europe. The name of the airport was based on the town’s name where it is located. The airport has one terminal with to concourses, separating the domestic and internal flights.

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Does Domodedovo International Airport have free wifi ?

Купить Афганка Гремячинск Yes, passengers are visitors can enjoy a free Wifi internet access in the airport. The free internet access is provided by MTS, a Russian mobile and network service provider.

How to connect All the passengers and visitors that have Wifi ready devices can enjoy the free internet in the airport’s arrival and departure zones. There are also internet hotspots in several shops, business lounges, and waiting lounges.

  • In the Domodedovo International Airport, there are several wireless networks to connect to. Just choose any of these networks: MTS/Tascom, Free, MTS_Wi-Fi ,MTS/Tascom_ or MTS_Wi-Fi_Free.
  • Open your browser and proceed any site and you will automatically get the authorization page.
  • Just click the “Continue” button to start enjoying the internet. With the airport’s free Wifi service, you can stay connected while waiting for your flight!