Palma de Mallorca Airport Wifi

Palma de Mallorca Airport is widely known as Son Sant Joan Airport. It is the 3rd biggest airport in Spain, following Barcelona Airport and Barajas Airport. Aside from being the focus airport for Air Berlin, Palma de Mallorca Airport is also the main hub for Air Europa, a Spanish carrier. The airport has four modules – Module A, B, C and D.

Does Palma de Mallorca Airport have free wifi ?

There is no free Wifi internet at the airport. However, you can enjoy the free internet for 15 minutes – long enough to check emails and your social media accounts.

How to connect

Serving millions of passengers yearly, Palma de Mallorca Airport provides 15-minutes free internet access to passengers and visitors. The internet network is provided by Kubi Wireless.

You just browse for the avialble network provided by Kubi and you can enjoy the free internet for the first 15 minutes. The following usage will be subject to fees.

For assistance you can email Kubi Wireless at or call 902-195-788 for customer assistance.If you do not have a Wifi-ready device then you can take advantage of the coin-operated computers in the designated places inside the airport. These coin-operated computers are usually available near the check-in counters. These computers come with chairs and desks, intended for public use.