Washington DC Ronald Reagan National Airport Wifi

Ronald Reagan National Airport is a major airport in Washington and is located in a commercial place where millions of people are coming and business potentials are growing. The airport is the main hub for US airways. Ronald Reagan National Airport is formerly called Washington National Airport until 1998 when it was named after the former President, Ronald Reagan. The airport has 3 terminals. Major modes of transportation are buses, cars, airport shuttle and bicycle.

Does Ronald Reagan National Airport have free Wifi ?

Yes, free internet Wifi access is available at the Ronald Reagan National Airport. Passengers and visitors can take advantage of this service while waiting for their flights.

How to Connect :

Before, there was no internet connection at the Ronald Reagan National Airport. After the effort of providing convenience to the passengers, a paid internet service was given. However, after the upgrades, free internet access can be enjoyed at the airport.

You only need to have the device with you. Make sure it is Wifi ready. Browse for the available networks and choose the networks provided by the Ronald Reagan National Airport. Once you are connected, launch the browser in your device and a splash screen will appear. Just follow the instructions and review and accept the terms of use to enjoy the service.