Congonhas – São Paulo Airport Wifi

enter site Congonhas-São Paulo Airport is named after the neighborhood in Vila Congonhas. The airport is operated by Infraero but owned by the São Paulo City. Congonhas-São Paulo Airport is among the commercial airports mainly serving the city of São Paulo. The central hall of the airport’s passenger terminal is very impressive, considered as an outstanding example of the city’s modern architecture. In the effort to improve the airport, comprehensive renovation plan was being done in 2009.

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Does Congonhas – São Paulo Airport have free Wifi? Yes, free Wifi internet access is available at the Congonhas-São Paulo Airport. You can absolutely take advantage of this free service while waiting for your flight.

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How to connect Connecting to the airport’s free internet network is easy. As long as you have the Wifi-ready device, you can connect to the internet anytime you want. The internet connection is available for 24 hours. Just browse for the available networks and select the airport’s network.

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купить Марка Аксай The internet hotspots at the airport are located in different places especially in the terminal and travel lounges. Free Wifi internet access can also be enjoyed in the airport’s cafes and restaurants.
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