Sydney Airport Wifi

Located near the Botany Bay, Sydney Airport is considered to be the only main airport serving the entire area. The airport has three runways and is the main hub for Qantas Airlines. Aside from being named as the Australia’s busiest airport, Sydney Airport is also considered as oldest operating airport in the world. The airport is also known as an important infrastructure in Australia.

Does Sydney Airport have free wifi ?

Yes, free Wi-Fi internet access is given to all travelers in the Sydney Airport. The free Wi-Fi is available in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

How to Connect :

Free Wi-Fi internet access is available in both domestic and international terminals. As long as you have the Wi-Fi ready device with you, you can absolutely enjoy the free Wi-Fi Service in the airport. Connecting to the internet is easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Using your internet ready device, scan the available networks and choose “Free Internet by sponsors name & SYD”.
  2. Provide answers to questions.
  3. Read the terms of use and ‘Proceed’.

You will be directed to a website after the sponsored message. You can enjoy internet browsing for two hours and a data of 500 MB.Keep in mind that the internet connection in the airport is not encrypted. Thus, make sure that e-mails, social media sites and other online transactions are SSL enabled.For assistance in the airport’s Wi-Fi service, just call the Help Line 1300 881 862 and the Wi-Fi Help Team will immediately assist you.