Zurich Airport Wifi

The Zurich Airport is considered as the biggest International Airport in Switzerland. The airport is also the main hub of the Swiss International Airlines. The Zurich Airport has three airside terminals – terminal A, Terminal B and Terminal E. The international airport offers both passenger and cargo services. Cars, Trains, Bus and Tram are the major mode of ground transportation in the airport. The Zurich Airport is operated and owned by Flughafen Zurich AG.

Does Zurich Airport have free Wifi?

Yes, free internet usage is available in the airport but only for 60mminutes. If you wish to continue surfing the internet, additional surfing credit is required.

How to connect

The 60 minutes uninterrupted free internet usage is only applicable for the first login. The free surfing credit will be replenished automatically after six hours.

Logging into the airport’s internet connection is easy, just follow the following steps:

  • Browse for available network and pick ZurichAirport WLAN Network
  • Launch the browser in your device
  • Connect to the login page and select “Not yet registered”
  • Once the registration is complete, a code will be sent via SMS
  • To enjoy the free Wifi, enter the code and click “Login”

Note: Internet users can login to the network via SMS and the code will be saved into the device for six months.